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The SoSe Project
Logging Internet interactions withing my peers.
exposing, encountering, opinionated but never exceeding
the 4th wall OR Taping into Reality from Virtual Reality

The SoSe ProJect

 Reality vs Virtual Reality.
     This is a Gaming / MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) Project of how humans react and interact online with other individuals. Some sign online because they cannot cope with reality. Others pretend to be something they aren't. Some use it because they aren't socially accepted. Rather if its their weight, height, age, sexuality, lifestyle, hobbies, habits and even nasty secrets they may have. Unless they deserve to be fully exposed. (Like a Pedophile) I will only be telling and trolling my involvement. This is a guide to open the eye of the average user. Be aware there are a lot of bad people online. I'm here to show you what you need to avoid. Some people can be dangerously too involved with their Virtual life. Take it way to serious and become hostile. Some Prey on others for many sorts of good or bad resources.... Lets just say I'm here to troll and entertain you with my shenanigans. Watch make make a fool out of someone who REALLY deserves it.   
   I will never bring reality outside of my virtual world. Whats Real does not belong here. I may  relate to my audience when it comes to situations I may have encountered. Check out my Main Attraction
I'm going to need you to Check here Everyday for Daily Updates and Blogs Thank You. 
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Latest News

August 11!!, 2012!!

WOW! Long gap. Know why??? I been gaming! and Being on Home is so boring. However i still encounter funny stuff...



 Joining BoS/BBoS Has inspired me to kinda make a Forum or website for them Idk We'll see. check out the Blog for more...Adios!


 July 6th, 2012


PS3 Browser Update.

For about a year I set the "mobile site" thinking it will only show for mobile. As the Ps3 browser is concerned I had no idea that it affects ps3. So the website was looking a bit noobish. I also noticed that the ps3 broswer is a tad bit slow for this website. So if you see this message on a regular computer and want to visit this website on ps3. Be patient and try hitting cancel and then refresh a few times to get it to show properly.

I removed the mobile version of this website so it looks the same on all browsers.

 Ps: I'm sure the music player will not initialize on the ps3 because of the version of flash and java script



July 1st, 2012




Took a while to get a solid team but i have one now and things are about to get a little bit interesting again.


 Version 1 of my graphic...



Version 2 w/out the rated u logo in the background


Which ever u prefer, You're still exposed :)


Check out the blogs we got a new blogger. He doing great.



June 20th 2012

Like the new look? 

2:30 am West Coast Time. At this very hour i finally figured what needs to be done. I'm going to need to regather a following. Actually i figured this out prior, about 3 days prior but I'm just now Updating. I changed from clipboard to news paper. Seems more accommodating.

I kinda figure it will be hard tho as people think i blog randomly. I'm trying to get out of just spazzing on someone just because. The reason being, It seems as if I'm "looking for something" to put on my site for views. I'm not don't worry. From this day forward I'm going for Quality + Quantity    


June 5th 2012

   We Go blue - Been Red for a while time to shake it up. Get my clipboard out and start jotting shit. Excuse me I still say fuck a lot. I think it's time for some sort of "REBOOT".  4 years ago we started this website, for 1 and a half year we had this huge decline where even my self didn't want to do anything here. Due to my Youtube being hacked and takin down 2 years ago. A lot of my prestige was erased. Some people don't remember me for starting "Exposures" of pervs. I had "flame wars" type rant videos and threats from parties to sony entertainment  and... I got In trouble for it lol, Last month I had a few blogs but we celebrated birthdays. Lots of them in Rated U and The SoSe Project Team#TSP. From DCUO to Home... A lot of us had birthdays in May, including myself on the 14th of May. Like i was saying. It's time for some type of "Reboot" bring back the "nobody is fucking safe" The "Lock your doors" The "We Say Fuck A lot" and the New  "Marnevolen - Fuc yo Fam FYF" and Roll it all into One and call this TSP!  THE SOSE PROJECT.  Because it seems everyone is on Home "catching a predator" Which I Originally started. It Looks like I'm Not going to ever touch that subject. Some kid made it to worldstar HipHop and went Viral for what I usta do. I don't want to compete with it. Avii Made a appearance back here so it looks like we are going to find something to Entertain you with focased around Playstation Home. I'm Not into disrespecting SONY as a Corporation, their business practices or any thing else regarding their management. I'm simply here to use their application on the PlayStation 3 to entertain you. My drop some gameplay video's may not. But all i know is im going to be looking for things other than what Used to be done in the past in order to keep my fanbase entertained... I see that blogging people gives me unwanted attention as liars rebel against what i blogged them for. Last sentence; Fuck what you think about my grammar :) Kthanx readitEataDickBye :D 



April 23rd, 2012

The FYF movement. Lets Clean Up home and get rid of the plague known as
"Playstation Home Fams"  Heres a Video starting it :) get the Footage ICE!


- g0dly ice





April 11, 2012


   <--- the look on her face is like "fuck that shit"


    Sony sucks as of the 10th of April for not returning our full refund on "protection plan". Long story short; Sony said my ps3 is not eligible for the PlayStation protection plan that i purchased but said i can still send in my console for repair for 120$. Talk about make no sense? Lol i paid for protection plan but i gotta pay more money for you to fix it? To top it off you said you would give me my money back but at a pro-rated expense? Lol Sony is the best piece of bull of all time. I'm still here to make a full out of their precious PlayStation Home brand, broken PlayStation or no broken PlayStation....

In other News we closed the Door on UMTO but will be exposing any members who feel the need to try to threatening anyone with that acronym. Small update but, Need to keep it going everyday. :) Check the blog, More interesting stuff... I'm still waiting for Marni to explode. She's getting there guys... stay tuned  


April 9, 2012

      So Me and Ice are back on here.  Started a new Series on home called "The N00b vs The Vet" where they pick 2 contestants. 1 n00b and 1 Established Avatar with actual gear and cloths. The objective is simple. Its to show how girls react to n00bs and established avii's... Both parties pick a female to talk to and then they try for 30 mins to get them to add them. Spontaneous project ice picked up but it seems rather entertaining as they do commentary while it goes on. We will figure out how to edit again in high def as we lost resources -_- 



 UMTO - This has been brought to our attention plenty of times but its time to take these guys out. They seem to etheir be lame or overzealous about home.1 way or another they need to stop griefing   home and putting mass hysteria of bullshit. Fine you can expose home (at least thats what i think u do) But don't comeon home spreading your bullshit about how PSLame you shitstains are.


March 26, 2012

    "Oh Shit She's back" was sort of redundant. I didn't blog. Ha...its ok previously I said i was working on something new. Well i was, I got something for everyone. Something better than "Nobody is safe..." better than "lock your doors". Better than "oh shit she's back", "YOU'RE EXPOSED!" This is not just a Reboot. This is a whole new Era, This is a whole new Re-Creation. My self and crimmy with a new comer. The Innovators of exposing PlayStation home have returned. This is vol 2... self titled.. The SoSe Project: Marnevolen




 March 19, 2012

     3 whole Months. Took some time to think. I'm currently building a new team. All new people. All new content, Same o'l website. I wan't to get back into the battlegrounds like before. I have all the resources. An HD recorder, Editing software, Streaming device...A lot of other great stuff. Lets get this show on the road.



December 20th 2011

 Call this a rebirth?  

      I found the 4th wall. I Never knew I was breaking it. Even making silly errors that I only cause for myself. Above is the explanation of the 4th wall and why you should never ever break it. It takes your concentration on your sole goal and blows it way off and out of proportion. You seen the retarted nonsense that was all off subject and posted before? I should never directly talk to my audience about any relevant topics or non-relevant topics in subject of The SoSe Project. Now its Gone, Yes iGame..iConquer...iDestroy. But that was never my goal. It was also never my goal to "expose" it Just happened to be that way when iLog. #Fact. 1) Only sign into PlayStation home and or Second Life and record or log your experience. Never antagonize or get involved with any silly situation. Let the people online entertain the world. The SoSe Project is about what goes on around you. Not what drama you can stir up. 2) Tell a story based on your own opinion of what you think is going on. Add a lil jokes here and there but never personally slander someone's name.3) mind  your business and have fun. Never break the 4th wall. NEVER allow someone else to break the 4th wall. Or come out of Character. Turn off the recorder when someone is bringing reality into the situation. Examples: giving your names,phone numbers, addresses, emails, or anything other than an Online ID.

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